Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Letter to Indigo at Six Months

Dear Indigo,

Six months. Sometimes it seems like they've flown by, and sometimes I struggle to remember what life what like before you arrived. In either case, they've been a fun six months, full of discovery and smiles. I think that this past month has seen the most change in you. You're sitting up so much better, although not entirely on your own. When you're in the jumperoo, you are actively playing with all the little toys and you can easily jump up and down to make the noises start up. You grab at things without hesitation, including things your sister might be playing with.

You don't complain so much at tummy time and you are SO close to rolling over. We help you sometimes, to show you how it's done, but your arm always seems to be in the way. When we put you down in your crib on your back, you sometimes seem like you're trying to roll onto your tummy, and we find you in funny positions.


You love snuggling with Sam, your bear lovey. Sometimes you gnaw on his ears, sometimes you prefer his blanket bottom, and other times he's tucked under your arm. Lately you've wanted a blanket at night, simply for the weight of it I think, which  makes me nervous. I let you have it until we go to bed, and then I just hope that you don't notice when I take it away. You're not quite old enough to untangle yourself if you get stuck.

You and your sister have taken to chatting in the middle of the night, and I have to admit, it's driving me bonkers. I simply can't sleep through it. I'm hoping it's a phase you'll outgrow soon. You've also taken to yelling just to hear your own voice. Sometimes you'll grab your feet and let out a victory yell. It's awesome.

Testing out your voice

Last week you spent a few days with Grandma and Grandpa while Daddy and I went on a little vacation. We missed you but we knew you were in good hands. You got lots of tummy time, time in the Bumbo seat, and lots of spoiling hugs and kisses. Grandma also bought you new clothes, some of which are in the 9 month size. You are getting so big and tall already! You'll be in 12 month stuff well before your first birthday.

Three month clothes don't fit anymore

We started solid foods this week, although right now you are just exploring and learning about new tastes and textures. You seemed to enjoy the carrots and apples, and were a bit curious about the cheese. Bread was another big hit. I know mealtimes are going to get messier from now on but I am looking forward to it! Soon you'll be able to chew and swallow all these yummy new foods. Having you guys eat what we're eating will certainly help us cook healthier, which will be great too.

Curious about cheese

You're still my chill dude, and you seem to have a great sense of humor. You've outright giggled a few times, which is hilarious. Your smile lights up my day, and Daddy swears you've said, "Daddy." Even I have to admit it sounds like you are... I love when you try to talk, no matter what you are saying.

My snuggle bear

You still kick your legs like crazy, my little Thumper. The other day I was sitting between you two on the couch, and you were both kicking my stomach in excitement for your bottles. I realized Periwinkle was kicking my left side, you my right. Was it really only six months ago that you were kicking those sides from within with scrawny little legs? Now you have chubby baby rolls and I can't even remember why we called you chicken legs.

Your chubby legs

Happy Six Months, Little Man. I can't wait to get to know you better as you continue to discover the world around you!


Plotting. Totally plotting.

Edited to add this photo, just because it cracks me up:

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