Thursday, April 4, 2013

Twin Interaction

I just love the age these two are at right now. They are starting to really notice each other. It's obvious that Periwinkle just adores Indigo. She watches his every move and often reaches out for him.

Indigo is a bit more oblivious, or more of a "tough guy," and likes to do things more his own way. Apparently yesterday at daycare they were lying down together and Periwinkle was trying to hold hands and Indigo got upset. They ended up separating them. I felt sad for Peri.

When I got them home I put them down for some tummy time. Periwinkle was SO close to rolling over again. And then Indigo reached out his hand as if offering support and encouragement. It was so sweet! Maybe he just doesn't like to hold hands in public.

Time for a pep talk. Day 90 Project 365.

"You can do it!"

"Mom does he have cooties?"
And then they went to bed at 7:15 because they were both in bad moods due to insufficient naptime at daycare. They slept until 5am and pretty much went right back to sleep. Success! I hate that I barely see them, but we try to take advantage of the hour or so between getting home and bedtime for more active play now, when they used to nap a bit. So we're making it work.

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