Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In

To my supreme shock and amazement, given the number of extra Weight Watchers points I ate this week, I lost 2.4 pounds this week! I will take it, thankyousir.

This week I went on a bit of a motivational rampage, joining My Fitness Pal (which tracks calories, lets you friend people so there's a social aspect, and at the end of every day tells you what you'd weigh in five weeks if you ate like that every day, which is helpful) and a DietBet.

DietBet is pretty cool. Anyone can start a "game" where everyone who joins pays a certain amount of money ($25 in my case), betting that they can lose a certain amount in a certain timeframe (4% in 4 weeks for me). If you "win" you get your money back, plus whatever's left in the pot by all the "losers" who forfeit their money because they did not meet the goal. That's the price you pay. So the pot in the game I'm in, which is run by quad-mom Becca of A Beautiful Ruckus, is nearly $3k. I wouldn't mind a piece of that! And now I'm down 3.4 pounds, so I'm halfway to my goal and it's only been one week!

You might be asking, "But won't people just cheat and lie to get their money back?" Well, DietBet has made this very difficult by requiring you to take a photo of yourself on a scale (in a mirror or taken by another person) and then a close-up of the scale readout. You do this at the beginning and at the end, at the same time of day and wearing similar clothing. The people at DietBet verify the photos and thus your weight. I guess someone COULD swap out who is on the scale for the closeup, but they'd need to find someone close enough to their own weight to be realistic and that just seems like too much work. But I'm sure some people try to scam the system. I, however, am not.

So I'm feeling hopeful that my sheep on my sweater will be free from the tummy rolls before it gets to be summer. Although it feels like summer so far this week, which I'm loving, and I am sad that it's going to cool off this evening. I can't wait for more photos like this one, full of baby fat rolls (which are allowed and encouraged at this point):

He's recently discovered his feet

As has she

Baby legs in the open air! Day 96 of Project 365.

Indigo has discovered his voice and enjoys yelling for fun, as you can see in the above photo. Periwinkle has taken to chatting up a storm around 2am every morning, and sometimes he joins in as well. Hoping it's just a phase because I just can't sleep through it!

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  1. I love the babyfeet more than words could possibly express.

    I'm staying away from stuff like DietBet until I get a job closer to home so I can work out every day. I know myself well enough that I know the one won't happen until the other does. But it sounds cool, and kudos on the weight loss so far!