Friday, February 22, 2013

Weight Loss Update

Slowly but surely, it's coming off. Too slowly, in my opinion, but then again, I cheat at every opportunity, so it's really all my fault.

In any event, I'm down 6 pounds since January 1st. The sheep on my sweater are still lost in my tummy rolls when I sit down, but I am determined to rescue them (check out my posts from Christmas to see what the hell I am talking about).

But I seriously need to get serious. I'm sick of being paranoid that someone is going to offer me their seat on the subway, thinking I am a pregnant lady. I'm pretty sure I'd play along to save us both the embarrassment of correcting them...

And this isn't unfounded. The receptionist in my doctor's office remarked, "Soon, right?" when she saw me last month. I was mortified. And I did correct her, laughing, and then refused to make eye contact. I'm determined to be a bit more svelte when I go back in May...

1 comment:

  1. are too funny! I feel ya and I only had one! You are doing great by losing a little at a time. I think we all cheat ;)

    Oh and about the subway...if someone asks...well then of course take the seat! There was a lady in china (I think) who wore a pregnancy belly just to get that good seat...but her belly fell off and all was revealed. :0 At least that cant happen.