Monday, February 25, 2013

A Letter to Periwinkle at Four Months

Dear Periwinkle,

Today you are four months old. Even though it's still bitterly cold outside, the promise of spring is hinted at by the slowly lengthening days. I can't wait to bring you outside so you can experience grass and flowers and warm rain. I was tempted to put you in your little snowsuit and toss you in the drifts after the big snowstorm we had two weeks ago, but the snow was so high you would have disappeared. We'll have to save playing in the snow for next winter, when you'll be crawling and probably even walking.

Periwinkle and White Cat notice each other.
If I hold you up now you stiffen your legs and it looks like you are standing, so I know you're working on strengthening those legs for movement. Buying an exersaucer is on the to-do list for this month, I think. I have no idea where we will put it, as we brought the swing downstairs to the living room and it's getting a bit crowded. But you love the swing, and I know you'll love being able to bounce up and down in the exersaucer, so the lack of space is worth it.

You also are still working on talking. You seemed very emphatic about a story you were telling me and Grandpa this weekend. I'm sorry we don't understand you yet. I'm hoping that if we teach you and Indigo baby sign language that will help keep you from getting too frustrated as you are learning to talk. First I need to learn it so I can teach you! You've started blowing little bubbles, which I've heard is a good sign on the road to speaking. I know you'll get there, and I'm loving all the noises and faces you are making along the way.

Giggly girl

You still wake up around 4:30am to eat. Sometimes you wake up closer to 2am, but a diaper change or a pacifier knocks you out for a few more hours. A few weeks ago you both slept straight through to 7am! You can feel free to do that more often, if you want. The good thing is, you always fall back asleep after eating, and you rarely give us a problem at bedtime, either. You've finally gotten the hang of napping, and we've finally gotten the hang of reading you so we know when to swaddle you and give you some quiet time. It makes life so much easier knowing what you need.

Finally napping

You had a cold for a little while, and it made me so sad to see you so sniffly and congested. You're doing much better now, though! I think all the naps helped.

You've been going to daycare for four weeks now. A whole quarter of your life. How did that happen? They say you are always smiling for them. I'm glad you are happy there, but I hope you treasure the weekends when we are together as much as I do. I wish you wouldn't cry so hard when I put you in your carseat to take you home. I know it's just because you don't like the carseat and not that you don't want to come home with me, but sometimes it's hard not to take it a little personally. But then you are smiles and nuzzles when I get you home and I know that you still love your mama.

You still haven't rolled over yet, but that's okay. You're finally grabbing a bit at things in front of you, and you seem to have taken to your diamond-ring rattle. You still love playing with the baby in the mirror, which I love to watch. You're more aware of your brother now, although you two don't really interact much yet. So much ahead for you to learn and discover! I can't wait to see it all!


Four-month birthday

Bright eyes

Did I mention napping?


  1. Yeah, the baby junk definitely clutters up the house more than I personally prefer (by about 70% haha) but holy goats, woman, BUY A BOUNCY CHAIR. Kinley LIVES in hers. The hard part is getting her out of it!

    I'm really starting to miss my kiddo during the day. I love coming home to her at night. May we both be closer to our babies this time next year!

    1. I have a bouncy seat like this:

      But want a bouncy exersaucer like this:

      Or is that what you meant? If so, what do you have?

  2. Yeah, I meant the second one. This is the model we have:|10394016&CPNG=Baby&kpid=10394016&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=10394016

    In our household vernacular, this is "the bouncy seat" :-)

    1. I was looking at that one! Might just have to buy it!

      Also, sorry you're really starting to miss Kinley. I stalk my kiddos on the baby monitor in the morning on the train (can see it on my phone). Blue thinks it's creepy lol. I just like seeing them in the morning!

  3. I love it when her babysitters send me pictures! Highlight of my day :-)

    That's where the bulk of the Facebook photos come from, btw.

  4. I have this great picture of the two of them in those small exersaucers that have wheels, toddling around and playing bumper cars.


    1. I hope to make that happen one of these days!