Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week Two

Here we are, Hump Day of my second week back at work, and I am tired. Like, really really tired. Last week I worked half-days, so this week at full time is my first "real" week back. With a 1.5-hour commute each way that involves car, walking, train, and subway (as you may remember from when I was preggo), I'm gone a good 11.5 hours. And by the time I get home I'm beat. I know, wah wah, poor baby. It'll take some adjusting.

And today marks my first day picking up the babies on my way home from the train. Blue had been doing it because I didn't have the car seat bases in my car yet, but he squeezed them in last night (remember I have a tiny Mazda 2). They just barely fit. Needless to say, I'll be car shopping again soon. The leading contenders are a Honda CR-V (which we have one of already), a Mazda CX-5 (because I really like my Mazda and it comes in a nice bright blue color so I can still have a fun car even if it's a SUV), a Nissan Rogue, and a Hyundai Santa Fe. I need to go test drive the CX-5 and the Santa Fe. But there's just no way I can drive any major distance in my car with the car seats in it because the seat isn't too comfy as far forward as it has to be.

I feel like I hardly see the babies during the week. One way I've been "keeping connected" is by picking out their outfits. It sounds silly, but taking the time to pick out a week's worth of outfits for Blue to dress them in each day makes me feel as if I do see them in the morning, or that they are at least getting a little love from Mom even if I'm not the one dressing them and bringing them to daycare. I also make sure to read them a story when we put them in their crib for bedtime, and so far it's been me giving them their baths a few times a week. Little moments like these go a long way, or at least I keep telling myself they do.

But really, I miss hanging out with them all day. A lot. I mean, look at 'em!

Periwinkle looks a little sad because I gave her my cold, which I'm assuming I picked up on my commute. I feel so bad hearing her little sniffles, but she seems to be getting better. She's certainly eating better the last day or so, which is good.

Okay, off to find more caffeine...


  1. Ugh, sickness sucks. We just need to accept the fact that they're going to have colds pretty much all winter. Yuck.

    Kinley is a real trooper but I'm SO happy she's feeling better. It's been a bad 3-4 weeks over here.

    I feel like I hardly see my kiddo too, but now that she gets up with me in the mornings at least I can sneak a little bit more time in with her. I don't get my leisurely morning time anymore, but it's worth it. Hang in there - this won't last forever!!

    1. For Blue's sake, I hope they continue sleeping past when I leave at 6:30am, so he can sleep in a bit. I get to nap on the train, so it's only fair. We'll see how long it lasts though. Glad Kinley is feeling better! Periwinkle is doing better but Indigo has this sad hacking cough. Poor kiddo. I'm just glad daycare hasn't made them stay home at all!