Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 35!

So here we are, at week 35. The average for twins is 36 weeks, so I'm a week away from that point. Still hoping they hang on until their scheduled eviction date, though!

This is my first full week at home. As my doctor said, I've "had a good run" but it was time to stop working. Fine by me! I have to confess, I had giant smile on my face after she told me to stop. And working out short term disability at work didn't prove as complicated as I'd thought it would be, so that part wasn't even too stressful. Woohoo!

So at this point the babies are just adding fat. They likely won't get any longer. Which is good, because there really isn't anywhere else for their little legs to go.

Fun fact: my uterus is now about 1000 times its original size. Probably more, because it's twins. Crazy!

This week they are coconuts! Cue: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Those aren't 'orses! You've got two 'alves of a coconut and you're bangin' 'em together!).

At my appointment yesterday they did measure them again. Yay! Baby Boy is 5lbs 3oz, and Baby Girl is 5lbs 1oz. So Baby Boy has taken the lead once again! 10.25 pounds of babies. No wonder my back hurts...

They were both face-up so we finally got some pictures!

Baby Boy. Not many good shots of him this time.

Baby Girl, with her little nose. First picture in about two months!

I swear I can see a little hair sticking up off her forehead but I didn't get that confirmed or anything.

Now, back to doing laundry and watching HGTV!


  1. Love that profile shot of baby girl, she is looking adorable! And that sure does look like a tuft of hair! Enjoy your HGTV, that's pretty much the only channel I watch (and it's usually while doing laundry!).

  2. Went to the doctors today myself, tomorrow marks 32 weeks. He's already 4lbs 10oz. The doctor even said I have a fat baby. Lol! Nothing to worry about, but he is a chubbo. Your lucky to be out of work! I still can't believe its almost time for u!! So exciting!!!

    1. Congrats on 32 weeks! Mine grow slower at this point because of lack of room, I think. Your chubbo is going to be so cute! I was over 10lbs when I was born, but I was a week late...