Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Growth Update

I've been slacking writing my next entry because to be honest, I usually write blog posts as a mental sanity break at work and I've been off since Thursday, when I had my latest appointment. But since I'm trying to relax as much as possible today and have been vegging in the bed in the living room watching various sports all day, I suppose I have time to write!

So Thursday was my latest non-stress test and ultrasound, along with a visit with my doctor. Great heart rates, no contractions, all is looking well on the NST side.

And the ultrasound revealed that the babies are growing perfectly. I believe they are in the 56th and 54th percentiles or something to that effect. Baby Boy is 4lbs 5oz, and Baby Girl is 4lbs 6oz (she's the bigger one again!). By now they are probably more like 4lbs 8oz, as they are growing at about 7oz a week. Which means by the time November 14th rolls around, we're looking at 7lb babies. Oy. Great news for them, not so great for my expanding belly and increasingly achy back. Just glad they are looking healthy, though! Baby Girl still refused to show her face, and Baby Boy remains easily identifiable by his nose. No pictures this week, though, sorry.

I then visited my doctor and learned that after 34 weeks, I have to have NSTs done twice a week. My boss is just going to LOVE that. I do love that, because it means even LESS time at work. I think I'm already down to 19 full days left (including some half days that combine for a full day). Hey! My last day of work is a month from yesterday. Sweet!

In other news, my dad and his girlfriend were in town en route to a family wedding and spent a few days with us. They live in Florida so it's always great to see them. And they brought gifts for babies. Lots and lots of bibs, among other adorable things. I'm a slob, and it's a good bet our babies will be, too, so I'm sure they'll come in handy. They also stocked us up with diapers and wipes. Except with two, the stash will probably only last a week or two. A sobering reality to see how much will go so quickly...

Blue and I are bummed we can't go to my side's family wedding and see everyone (congrats L & C!), but we actually had a wedding for Blue's side yesterday (congrats M & D!), and he was in it. It was a fun but very long day for this mama (hence lying in bed all day today). I managed to dance to a few songs. I can't resist oldies like the Twist! I did worry about their hearing, the music and bass were so loud, but I suppose it probably just sounds like Dory speaking Whale in Finding Nemo. I hope.

So many people commented on how small I am for having twins, but I was reassured by my doctor that I am just carrying well, so I'm not worried. I'm sure today's wedding will be great too, and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. Even without yesterday's wedding, it probably wouldn't be good to go too far from my hospital at this point... 33 weeks tomorrow! Lots of twins decide to come now! Hopefully not ours...

Now, to drag myself out of bed and do some laundry. Blue is picking up creamy tomato soup and brie (one of my favorite lunch combos) so the least I can do is make sure he has clean underwear...


  1. Those babies are growing perfectly! Yayy!
    Have you thought about cloth diapering?

    1. Thought about it briefly, but given the small washer we have and the already mountains of laundry we'll have, we're going with disposables.