Monday, October 1, 2012

32 Weeks, aka 8 Months!

Having a pretty decent Monday, for a Monday ::knocks wood::. Blue and I were walking from our cars to the train when another commuter called out to me to tell me I look great. She asked when I was due and if we knew what we were having. When I told her one of each, she was blown away that I'm having twins and am as small as I am. This repeats a theme that came up a lot over the weekend. A clerk at the grocery store was similarly surprised, and people at a family event also commented on how small I am. I swear the babies are the right size and growing well! But it does make me a little paranoid. I'll double check at my ultrasound this week that there's nothing I should be worried about. But in the meantime, feeling flattered that people think I look good!

So this week it's 32 weeks down, 6 to go until eviction date. Craziness. This also means only 5 more weeks and 2 days of work. I counted and it's 25 work days. Probably less because I am taking several half days for doctor's appointments. So let's call it 23 days at the office. Woohoo!! And this week I'm taking Thursday and Friday off so it should fly by!

This week apparently the babies are squashes (weren't they acorn squashes not long ago?).

I'm pretty sure these numbers are the same as last week because baby size can vary a lot in the third trimester, so it's just a range. What's kind of cool is that they can now experience REM sleep, which means they can dream! Wondering what an in-utero baby dreams about if it's never seen anything... Is it just sounds and sensations? Wish I could ask them...

So much left to do, and not just in the nursery. I need to pack up a bag for the hospital, just in case they decide to come early. I need to come up with some good recipes to prepare and freeze so I can just dump everything in the crockpot after the babies come (or whoever is at my house can dump into the crockpot). Then I need to actually prepare them. Which requires some serious freezer reorganization. I need to make a list of what we need to do immediately after they arrive for health insurance, daycare FSA, maternity leave, etc. I need to do a good, deep clean of the house to try to get rid of as much dust and fur as possible. We need to reclaim our bedroom, which has become a dumping ground for anything and everything as we are mainly living on the lower level these days.

I think that's it... for now.

Oh, and I need to buy some comfy pants that I can hang out in during the week or two of recovery. And, let's face it, that I will probably hang out in until I'm forced to put on real clothes.

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  1. WOW! 32 weeks is a HUGE milestone!! Great job, Momma :) You look adorable in your pics and I am sure the babies are growing just fine. Enjoy these last few weeks and put your feet up as much as possible!