Monday, October 22, 2012

An Eventful Week

No, the babies aren't here yet. But I've been a little distracted by other things and haven't gotten motivated enough to come on here, my apologies! Thank you to those of you who have checked in with me privately!

So, last Monday (the day of my last posts) I experienced a little spotting. So little I wasn't going to do anything about it, until the ladies on my baby board highly encouraged me to call my doctor just in case. At first the nurse said that since it was so little, and had stopped, I was fine. Apparently she then talked to my doctor, who wanted me to get to labor & delivery pronto. So I left work around 4pm last Monday and headed to my hospital. Blue had his last class session and then was going to meet me and/or pick me up, depending on how long it took them to check me out.

Note to self: Next time I head to L&D, stop for food and a gallon of water beforehand. They don't let you eat or drink, the bastards. I was so unbelievably thirsty and was never so grateful for a cup of ice chips in my life. In any event, they checked me out, determined that the bleeding was not coming from my pregnancy (and not reassuringly never found WHY I had spotted), that I still had a good cervical length and there were no signs of preterm labor. They hooked me up on the same monitors they use at my twice-weekly NSTs and left me there for a very long time. Luckily Blue had arrived by 8:30pm and helped keep me amused. I do have to say the "bed" they had me in was the biggest contributor to my discomfort and intense desire to go home. Not. Comfy. Also, watching Dancing with the Stars sans music just isn't the same... Oh, and apparently I had a few minor contractions while there. I didn't feel a thing.

Waiting for test results took us to about 11pm (still starving, but they finally gave me a glass of water) and we headed out around 11:30pm. And headed straight to Wendy's. Dinner at midnight, a kiss for our anniversary that we had just crossed into (two years!), and then to bed. See below for the beautiful flowers Blue sent to the office for our anniversary.

I somehow got up in time for work and headed in for a half day, as I had my usual NST and ultrasound Tuesday afternoon. My boss commented that we should meet and discuss my projects "in light of Monday's events." Which we did, and we came up with a list of about eight things I should aim to complete by November 6th, my planned last day (and election day!).

Well, at my appointment my doctor happened to be the one on duty. And due to the spotting and the minor contractions, and to her longstanding desire that I stop working, she told me to stop working. Pronto. I asked if I could complete the week, and she said no.

So I went to work the next day anyways. I planned to go in Wednesday and Thursday (mainly to say bye to my coworker friend who was out on Wednesday) and finish as much as I could off that list. Well, work wanted me to go home immediately. I insisted on staying the day, finished exactly ONE item on the list and updated my boss on the rest, and then bid sayonara to work until February. I left a note for my coworker to take care of my flowers for me, and took two stems home with me. Unfortunately tulips are toxic to cats so I couldn't take them all home.

Thank you to my Facebook friends who repeatedly insisted I not go in Thursday, which worked out well because my cold made me absolutely miserable on Thursday, so I pretty much stayed in bed all day.

It's so absolutely bizarre that I'm done with work already. Today was the first day it really hit me, as Thursday and Friday just felt like a few vacation days. But today it was real. No more Monday commutes for 15 weeks. Ironically, Blue has to go into the city for the week, so we've reversed roles. And I cannot be more grateful to my doctor for telling me to stay home. I think it was really time. Going to Target the other day was exhausting. Sleep cannot last long enough. My body is just worn out and needs to focus on the babies for these last few weeks. It was just perfect timing, although unexpected, and I'm so glad I have these last three weeks at home to get things ready without overexerting. And to have Blue there during the day in case something happens (although not this week, of course).

I tried to take it easy today, doing a few loads of laundry and reorganizing the freezer, trying to honor my doctor's wishes that I rest as much as possible. I've got a list of projects to keep my mind from going crazy, one of which is to blog more regularly again. It was always a quick mental break at work, so it takes more planning to do it at home. I also am excited I might actually finish our wedding album before the babies arrive. Actually, might START the album. I'm a procrastinator, what can I say?

So that's the big stuff from the past week. Still to come, an update on baby size, celebrating hitting 35 weeks, and an update on the nursery!

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  1. WOW - I can't believe you hit 35 weeks! That is absolutely amazing :) Glad you all are doing well and that you have this time to rest & take care of yourself. Enjoy it!