Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 11 Doctor's Appointment

I've gained three pounds! Huzzah! It's hard to believe that with how much I've been eating that's all I've gained, but I suppose two little babies growing would use up a lot of energy. And I'm sure I'll be gaining much more very soon, as the babies will be doubling in size over the next three weeks. They are currently the size of limes:

By week fourteen, they will be the size of lemons:

I never really thought about a lemon being twice the size of a lime, so I might have to hit up the grocery store to see for myself. But they will go from about 1.75 inches long to 3.5 inches long. And hopefully by then I will look pregnant and not just fat, and so then I will get the best seats on the subway.

Anyways, back to the doctor. She used the doppler to find their heartbeats. One she found right away, the other took a little more searching. We'll pretend it was baby B (Blip? still undecided) hiding. I can just tell that one is going to be the troublemaker. So that was cool.

Then she decided she wanted to see them, as she had missed my last ultrasound to go to a conference. So she wheeled in a little ultrasound machine, gooped me up, and started trying to squish the babies to death with her little magic wand. Except, obviously, she did not. Again, one was trying to hide -- Blip, again (maybe). Baby A, Bit, was much more cooperative. And looked much more babylike than even the ultrasound two weeks ago.

It's just insane how quickly they develop. By this point, all of their major organs are formed, and now they are just growing and forming new synapses and brain goo. And in a few weeks, their heads will be more proportional to their bodies. At the moment, their heads are half their length.

So, at the moment, it appears that Bit and Blip are having a slumber party in bunkbeds, as they are right on top of each other, chilling, probably chatting it up all night instead of sleeping (because, really, who actually sleeps at a sleepover?).

I have another, "real," ultrasound next Friday, but until then, I will leave you with my ultrasound from week nine. In this one you can see little arm nubs, which makes me think of this guy from Meet the Robinsons (which is actually a better flick than you might expect):

9 weeks, 4 days:

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