Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let the Countdown Begin

You may have heard of a little website called Pinterest. It's an addicting wonderland of images of things ranging from recipes to DIY projects to photography tips to, yes, nursery and baby ideas. You create "pinboards" full of things that you like, are inspired by, and/or want to try yourself.

I started pinning almost a year ago in boredom, which has left me somewhat prepared for planning our nursery and coming up with baby announcement ideas. It's also shown me that documenting my growing size can be done in many, many, many ways.

Exhibit A:

This obviously requires a lot of thought each week and some creative penmanship skills. And a chalkboard. This path is not for me.

Exhibit B:

This one requires Photoshop (not a problem) and notable cravings and aversions. All I'd be able to write is that I get near-migraines on an almost daily basis and come home from work exhausted and useless. Also, I'd need some sexy black clothes, which I'm just not feeling right now. (P.S. She is so much further along than 12 weeks, right?)

Exhibit C:

This one is by the blogger at She also makes and sells them. I should have just bought one instead of trying to make my own in my own lazy way. DIY is not my forte (someday ask to see my Halloween 2011 crafts). But I gave it a go freehand with some fabric markers, and this is the result.

Week 6:

It's not pretty, folks. But it'll have to do. Maybe  I'll switch to the sexy black outfit idea when I have more energy. Or maybe just putting on some makeup would help. But for now...

Week 11

I'm not sure if that's baby belly or just all the food I've been allowing myself to eat over the past two months...

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