Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crappy Mommy

If you want a good laugh, check out A mom hilariously documents her life with her husband (Crappy Daddy) and two sons through crappy stick figure drawings. One of my favorites is this one. I'll give you a frame just to whet your appetite.

Those are her kids in the bathtub singing a song about, yup, "Penis penis." Maybe because pizza is being delivered, but I imagine it being like Little Caesar's "Pizza Pizza." Anyways. Check it out. She's pretty funny.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully have an update for you on the babies. We're having our Nuchal Translucency scan at 9am (they measure stuff and it can let you know your risk of Down's) and I hope to get some good ultrasound shots of them. They should be looking pretty human and awesome by this point.

In other news, I'm wearing maternity pants today. I got sick of the rubber-band-through-the-button-hole trick, so while they are a little big, my bella band is holding them up. And I feel like I look more put together than I have in a while, probably because I've been wearing the same two pairs of pants to work for the last two weeks and there's only so many outfits that work with them. So I got to wear something new and pretty today. Score.

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