Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NT Scan Ultrasound

Last Friday we had our Nuchal Translucency scan, where they do some measurements and compare to the babies' length and gestational age and from that can tell if you are at a higher risk of your babies having Downs Syndrome.

I wasn't too worried about that being a possibility, and I knew we'd love our babies even if they did have Downs, so I was mainly excited to see the babies for an extended length of time. It took about fifteen minutes, far less time than we'd thought, but it was an action packed fifteen minutes!

At first, for the briefest of moments, one of the babies (can't remember which) looked like a stereotypical alien. Then it seemed to realize we were watching and soon looked more human. It was an odd, startling moment that both Blue and I caught. We laughed that we are having alien babies. It looked something like this:
Both babies were very active, jumping around, waving to us, and just generally putting on a good show. I blame the huge glass of OJ I had before the appointment. Sugar high!

Baby B really liked to wave. He/she also didn't want to face the right way. He/she was facing us directly, so the ultrasound tech had to jiggle my stomach a bit to get him/her to turn and show us their profile, which he/she did (not knowing genders is going to get old...). Maybe he/she was giving us the finger and not just waving...

Baby A was enjoying what room he/she had while he/she had it. Legs fully stretched out, one arm up by the head, and seeming to suck on the other hand's thumb. It's like he/she knows space will soon be very limited as they get bigger.

So there they are. They tested within normal limits, and a phone call today just confirmed that the bloodwork also came back normal, so we are looking at two healthy babies! I go back in four weeks for more bloodwork and probably another ultrasound, and then a Level II ultrasound at 20 weeks for more testing stuff. But I'm not worried. I'm feeling oddly zenlike that all is going to turn out well.

Plus, their heads are now only about a third of the length of their bodies. They are much more proportional, weigh almost a full ounce, and are almost 3 inches long. Crazy! They are now about the size of a peach!

And now I am on to the second trimester! 188 days to go (roughly)!

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