Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Having a baby is like...

The book Babyproofing Your Marriage says having a baby is like throwing a grenade into your marriage.

Family and friends have said there's just no way to ever be "ready."

But my favorite came from a coworker, who described having a baby as follows:

The best analogy that I have been able to come up with to describe the first two months is Battlestar Galactica. You remember the episode “33”? It is kind of like that. But after that it just gradually keeps getting better.

For those of you unfamiliar with BSG, it's about what's left of the human race trying to outrun and survive an attack by a group of robotic creatures called Cylons. In the episode my coworker mentioned, the humans keep doing FTL (faster than light) jumps to try to escape, but within 33 minutes the Cylons have found them, and the humans have to jump again. There is no sleep. There is no downtime, no time to eat or sit or relax. And obviously tensions rise and arguments happen. 

Look at those scruffy, tired faces

I can so see this as the perfect way to describe having a baby. Maybe we'll get an hour between crises, maybe it will be only 33 minutes or even less. But at least now we'll be able to look to BSG as an example and know that eventually they DID outrun the Cylons long enough to eat and sleep, and that things did get better(ish). So there's hope that we might find Earth (sleep) at the end of the journey after all.

By the way, if you have any liking of sci-fi or just good human drama, go watch BSG, starting with the mini-series. It's an excellent show.

And yes, we are nerds, and we are hoping to raise two very nerdy children.


  1. Ha! I love the analogy, it rings very true. And it DOES get easier, and you do eventually get sleep again.Then of course when that happens, you get pregnant all over again and start the cycle over (well, at least in my case you TRY to start that all over again). Found you on Babycenter, I love your writing, so I will be following your blog :-)

    1. Thanks for following!! Glad to hear it does get easier!