Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eight Month Doctor Visit

Yesterday we took the little boogers (literally - they both seem to have colds) to the pediatrician for their eight-month checkup. It was confirmed that Indigo just has a cold, no bronchiolitis, so that was a relief. He's sounded so pathetic for the past few days but seems to be improving on his own. Phew.

It was also confirmed that Periwinkle has a nice new tooth and probably a second soon to follow. Her runny nose could be a result of that, or a cold.

Periwinkle tries to eat the paper.
Both are growing right on their curves (doctors plot their stats on a curve each month to make sure the baby doesn't have a sudden abnormal drop or increase in weight or height that would indicate a problem). Indigo is now 18lb 5oz, is 28.5 inches long, and has a head circumference of 45cm (I actually remembered that one for once). He's up 1.5 inches and 1lb 7oz from his six-month visit. Periwinkle is 17lb 3 oz, up two pounds, is 26.25 inches long, up 1.25 inches, and has a 43.5cm head. She also showed off her new love of screaming and tensing up her arms, which is just a riot. Most of the time.

Before their appointment we took them to Applebee's. This was their first visit to a restaurant, something we've wanted to do for a while but just needed to get up the motivation. We knew it wouldn't be the relaxed visit it used to be with just the two of us. Surprisingly, they did great! Periwinkle kept looking around (of course), staring at other customers and throwing her crinkle book to the floor, to Blue's delight. Indigo was quite happy to bang his plastic keys on the table and attempt to grab at the utensils, the plates, the cups, or anything else that came within possible reach. They each sampled some of my potatoes and Blue's chicken, and Periwinkle decided to try the children's menu as an appetizer. They got a little bored toward the end and started fussing a bit, but luckily we'd paid the check and could pack them up and get them to the car (after dashing through rain for the third time that day). They were asleep almost immediately, since it was naptime.

Good times at Applebee's

They ended up with an early bedtime of 6pm, because that nap got interrupted by the doctor's visit. But during the witching hour before bedtime, in an attempt to calm Periwinkle, I took her outside and fed her some blackberries from the garden. Man, did she love those! She looked like she'd eaten an animal or something, she was so covered in red juices. It's such a nice feeling being able to feed them from things I've grown myself (not that I've done much other than plant the thing). Nice, natural fruit. I've been blending the berries into yogurt, which they've been enjoying the past few days. I also froze some of that berry/yogurt mixture into popsicles. Good times all around this summer!

They also got baptized on Sunday, but that's a whole other post!

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  1. They look so healthy and happy :-) Kinley's nine month visit is coming up, I'm super curious to see how much she weighs.

    Babies in restaurants are fun! Andrew and I took Kinley somewhere last month (I can't remember where, I think we've taken her a few places) and she always gets lots of attention. Especially when she's in one of her smiley moods. Everyone loves babies :-)