Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Letter to Periwinkle at Eight Months

Dear Periwinkle,

You have a tooth! It's just barely peeking out of your gums, but it is there! We knew it was coming for about a week, as that area of your gums was definitely getting harder, but it was just so exciting to finally SEE it. A tooth! My little baby girl has a tooth, with more soon to follow. Insane. How are we at eight months already? How are you teething and getting on all fours and nearly crawling? Aren't you still my helpless little preemie? I know you will still need me for quite a while, but still, that tooth seems like such a big step as you continue to develop into your own independent person. And once you can crawl and then walk it will be harder to dictate where you go. You'll be expressing your opinions and throwing tantrums and laughing and growing into a little girl. But I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself. It is just your first tooth.

We are going to have to lower your crib sooner rather than later, as you've started rocking on all fours in your crib. It's not such a big step to grab onto the rail and pull yourself up. And then we'd be in trouble. I should know. Your uncle used to tell me how to climb out of my crib when I was a baby. We gals are trouble.

This month you've definitely been asserting yourself. You shout at your brother to get his attention. You shout hello when I pick you up at daycare. You shout at the cats in excitement to try to get them to play with you (hint: yelling at them will not work. Trust me.). You shout when I put your new hat on you. You shout when you wake up in the morning. You just really like to shout when you are excited. It's adorable, but kind of loud. Try to tone it down a bit. Work on a squeal or a giggle, perhaps.

You still don't nap that great during the day at daycare. We're lucky to get two hours of napping out of you. But, unlike your brother, bad napping doesn't seem to affect your nightsleep, because you are usually the first to fall asleep, usually within minutes of being put down. One day last weekend you did nap the full 3.5 hours, and you took forever to fall asleep. So maybe you are just a two-hour kind of napper.

On Sunday you were super ornery (probably because of that tooth coming in) so I took you and your brother out for a walk, despite the heat. We don't use the infant carriers for walks anymore. You can sit up in the stroller like a big girl. We slathered you with sunscreen and put your new hat on you and you were just so happy. Perhaps you love being outside as much as your brother does! However, you did NOT like it when I walked through a sprinkler. There was no avoiding it. I think it shocked you so you started to cry. I managed to convince you it felt good (it felt GREAT!) on such a hot day. I can't wait to bring you into the pool. I need to buy a bathing suit first...

This weekend is your baptism and I hope the water isn't an issue for you then. Of course, people will just think it's cute if you start to cry, so don't sweat it too much.

Love you, little girl,


  1. SOOO sweet (that last picture CRACKS me up).

    Let's not talk about how far behind I am on my letters to Kinley. I think I wrote the last one during my final week at RPX, which would have been late April or early May. Her next "update" letter is going to be novel-length.

  2. I'm sure I'll get worse after they turn 1 and the monthiversaries aren't as big a deal. I'll have to figure out a new schedule for them. Maybe every other month or quarterly. I definitely don't want to start resenting "having" to write them! And I really need to transfer them all to the journals I bought them when we first found out they were coming...

  3. Are the journals purple? Because that would delight me :)

    1. haha nope. Hers is red and his is brown. They are leather with leather strings that wrap them closed.