Friday, July 12, 2013

Twins Teething

I expected teething to be hell with two of them. Yet Periwinkle has popped one tooth and is well on her way to at least one more with little more than some runny poo and mild crankiness. She's still sleeping like a champ, smiley in the morning, and in general her normal self. She lulled us into thinking teething might be easy peasy.

Indigo is another story. The only reason I can see for his recent misery is that he's teething. He doesn't let you look in his mouth or feel around for too long so it's hard to tell, but there seem to be at least two coming. As a result, he enjoys screaming in his crib. His voice is hoarse from crying so much the last few nights. He even cried this morning when we put him back in his crib so we could get dressed for the day. If you hold him he's pretty happy (a little too happy at 3am). If he's playing he's pretty happy. But step near the crib and watch out! Two nights ago he was up from 3 to 4:30am. Last night he took until 10:30pm to really fall asleep (normal bedtime: 6:30pm). Needless to say, Blue and I are rather tired. Fingers crossed for better sleep for all of us tonight. Although Periwinkle has been sleeping through all the crying just fine, lucky girl.

And we're just hoping she doesn't get any ideas about upping the crankiness meter. In this case, misery does not need any company.

Last night before the crying began

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