Thursday, December 6, 2012

Horrible Mother

I took these photos instead of solving the problem. I call this series "Help! I Lost My Pacifier!"

What cements my place as a horrible mother is the fact that I burst into hysterical laughter every time I see the fourth picture. I can't help myself. Poor Indigo.

Here's a picture from later today where he's much more zen:

Mainly he's just pissed off I'm taking pictures again, I think.

And some cute pictures of Periwinkle in two cute outfits I had her in today. I absolutely love the sleep n play in the first shot. I have no idea why, but the way it fits her or something just makes me go "awww" and want to smother her with kisses. Which I don't. Because that would definitely get me horrible mother status. The second outfit is super simple: just a long-sleeved onesie and blue pants Fuschia got her (remember the clothing cupcakes from my baby shower this summer?). But she pulls it off with aplomb.

Both of these pictures were taken right before she broke out into crazy crying. She wasn't a fan of the bouncy seat today, and in the second shot she was just about to lose the pacifier. These kids and their pacifiers...

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