Friday, December 28, 2012

Teething Already?

As insane as this sounds, I think Periwinkle might be teething already. 
Today she has been super cranky and drooling a lot, and, as she was in my lap crying in full force, I noticed a white spot on her upper right gums. I thought maybe it was formula but I touched it and it did not go away and she started crying harder. Poor kiddo. 
Not Periwinkle, but pretty much what she's looked like most of the day.
I called my mother (of course) and she suggested a cold cloth held on her gums. Periwinkle started sucking on it so I'm not sure if I actually hit the right spot, and then she kept crying. But when I offered her chuchetto (pacifier) she started sucking on that like crazy again and quieted down. She's now quietly swaddled in the pack n play, so hopefully she's feeling better. 
We'll keep an eye on the white spot to see if it sticks around or what. Google leads me to believe three months would be the earliest teething would occur, which, given she's a preemie, would mean she has two months until she should be starting, but who knows? Babies are born with teeth so I guess they could start popping through at any time. 
It figures that I notice this white spot the day after her doctor's appointment...

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