Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We're Having Another Fish!

Yup! Because having twins doesn't make life crazy enough, Blue and I decided to go for a third. And almost as soon as deciding that, I got a massive migraine and just KNEW I was growing a baby again.

I must admit, I'd begun to wonder if I was too old, too tired, too past this point in life to go through pregnancy again (which is pretty ridiculous considering I'm newly 33). And while I am still fertile Myrtle, it seems, being preggo is MUCH harder this go around.

Part of that is having two four year olds at home who want mommy to play and craft and be with them. No mid-Sunday naps this time! And part of that is that I am older, and still have various autoimmune issues that are being less forgiving this time.

And part of that is that even before I got that positive test, I had a funny pain in my left leg, below the knee. Which I of course ignored for two weeks. Then I mentioned it to a friend, and did some research, and realized that, holy hell, it's a blood clot!

My friend recommended a fantastic doctor who has taken excellent care of me ever since. And for the past 13 weeks I have given myself twice daily injections of blood thinners. This is not the blissful, easy pregnancy of 2012, my friends. This sucks. This complicates things around delivery (have to switch meds at 35 weeks so I don't, you know, bleed out). This complicates dentist visits. And paper cuts. But I'm dealing with it as best I can, and if it gets me a healthy baby* then so be it.

The fun part is we aren't sure if the pregnancy caused the clot (the timing seems to indicate it did) or if my lupus stuff did.  If the latter, I might be on blood thinners for life. Not cool. Fingers crossed it's just the hormones.

Also worse this time are the headaches (iron seems to be helping), the acne  (nothing is helping), and general lack of interest in food (I lost about 15 pounds, but I seem to be gaining finally).

What makes this go around better than last time is seeing how excited the kids are to have a little sibling, although Periwinkle is still pretty ticked that it's a boy. I'll have more on her and Indigo when I finally write their 4 year old letters. Blogging is harder on your phone...but it seems that it is the only way, what with work's draconian lockdown/stalking of Internet usage, and having no brain power left in the evenings...

Now, to come up with a color for the little guy...

*Yes, it's just one this time.

Adorable feature of my app

Jasper is not his name. Just something that popped in my head when the app asked for a nickname. 

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