Thursday, January 5, 2017

Some Pictures

I've had three ultrasounds so far. Or is it four? In any case, here's what the little bugger looks like, or looked like at 16 weeks. Cutie pie.

I think there's a similarity to Indigo's ultrasound from the same week. What do you think?

Hard to tell, I know. But he doesn't really resemble Periwinkle, right?

I'm 18 weeks now, so probably halfway done, assuming cholestasis gets me again  (90% chance, joy). To refresh your memory, I got crazy itchy at 35 weeks, was tested, and it was found that my liver wasn't working right, and babies were born soon thereafter. It sucked, so I hope I'm in the 10% that gets nothing the second time. Go look up ICP to find out more.

Next week is the big ultrasound where they measure everything, so I'm hoping for some great photos!

As for what color to call him here, I am torn between Garnet, Russet, Cyan, and Saffron. Help!

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