Friday, August 30, 2013

Biting Begins

Indigo got bit at daycare the other day, by another baby about his age. I really didn't think this started this young, but I guess they are all almost a year old so... he got bit.

Not actual biter
Apparently all the babies were playing together on the floor when Indigo started crying and hitting this other kid. This being rather out of character for our mellow man, they picked him up and noticed bite marks and a very red leg. Poor guy. He started his day with a mystery bruise on his other leg, and now this. So I got two phone calls from daycare in one day. They went something like this:

"Hi, this is Teacher from DaycareNOTANEMERGECY. But we wanted you to know that..."

I just loved the quick "Not an emergency!" line to calm me down in case I freaked out. Good thinking.

By the second phone call, the one about the bite, all I could do was laugh. And then I felt terrible for laughing that my son got bit. It was more laughing at the cruddy day he was having than at the fact that he got bit. But I'm pretty sure the daycare lady thought I was horrible.

They felt really bad about the whole situation, and iced his leg and gave him some extra cuddles, and wrote it all up in a report I had to sign. I'm assuming the biter's mother got a similar sheet to sign, although I don't know which baby it was. I'm sure they are under careful surveillance, at any rate.

Daycare is closed today for teacher training, so Blue is home with them watching Upside Downton Abbey on Sesame Street and getting far more out of it than they are. If the weather permits, they'll be going on walks and playing on swings and having a grand day while I toil away at work. Boooo!

And next week they start in their new class with their new teacher at daycare. They never ended up getting any "transition time" with her this week, so I really hope it goes smoothly, especially considering how attached Periwinkle is to Miss S. Fingers crossed...

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