Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Letter to Indigo at 10 Months

Dear Indigo,

I have to admit that this one snuck up on me for real. One minute we were in Rhode Island celebrating nine months, and the next we are here, a few days past ten months old. It doesn't help that I was two weeks late with your nine-month letter. Where did August go?

This month you mastered crawling backwards and watched with longing as your sister worked on going forwards. The past few days you have begun moving forwards, albeit slowly and with little control. You've also gotten very good at pulling up to standing while holding our hands, and you've even tried on the couch and in your crib. And you're doing very well in the walker.

You are still giving us trouble at bedtime. Your new favorite thing seems to be falling asleep in Daddy's arms. This is a habit we sadly have to break. I think if we get your naptimes and waketimes right during the day, you will fall asleep more soundly at night. I hope. We just need to get daycare on board! I often walk in to your room to find you sitting up and grinning, simply not ready to fall asleep. Or sometimes, you are sitting up and screaming.

In the morning you and your sister are both sitting up in your cribs, sometimes trying to stand, grinning and chatting away. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. There have been days when you are both sitting with your legs through the slats, as if trying to get as close to each other as possible. I love it!

This month you have tried pulled pork, roasted chicken, mango, and black beans. You've loved it all! You even gave oatmeal another try and seemed okay with it. You seem to be slowly reducing your formula intake, although some days you still drink all 32 ounces. My little big man!

You've been making some hilarious faces lately. Sometimes you just look so surprised or concerned. You've also finally gotten a tooth! I think a second is on its way. I hope you sleep better after that!

You also took your first bath in the big bathtub, with your sister. You really liked it the first week, but the last two times you've cried. Maybe you were just tired. I want happy bathing boy back! You would wiggling and splash and play with the toys. You really loved it. I hope next time you are in a better mood!

Only two months to go until your first birthday. That is so crazy! I keep seeing news about hurricane season and I'm brought back to cuddling you in a powerless house after Hurricane Sandy. How far you have come since then!


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