Tuesday, April 7, 2015

So I don't forget...

These little snippets of conversation are so easy to forget, so a brief post from today, taken from my Facebook.

As she screams during bedtime, I must remember cute moments from today so she doesn't drive me completely crazy.

Me: (sneakily eats a piece of chocolate)
Peri: What is that? (how DID she see me?)
Me: Nothing.
Peri: Show me, mommy. Show me what's in your mouth right now! (perfect mom-flection)
Me: Here's some chocolate... you win.

Me: (singing Tomorrow from Annie)
Peri: No, mommy. No more Tomorrow. No sun tomorrow.
Me: Is my singing that bad?
Peri: Read a book.

Addendum: She's also good with the "Now let's calm down, Indigo" when he's upset, which is usually followed by "I don't want to calm down!" from him. And she'll take over negotiations with him when he's just manic for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Okay, we'll watch two Mickey Mouses and then Rapunzel, okay?" and he usually gives in. She's just so reasonable! It's sweet because she knows how worked up he gets and she legit wants to compromise to make him happy. Such a good sister!

They crack me up when they sound like adults.

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