Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye, 2014

So here we are again, bidding farewell to another year. And what a year it has been!
It started off with us putting our house on the market. Four months later, almost five years to the day we offered on the house, we accepted an offer. It wasn't quite what we hoped for, but it allowed us to move onward if not upward. More like a side-shuffle.
In August we bid a teary farewell to our first home together (okay, maybe only I cried...) and to our two cats, who were going to spend some time with my parents while we crashed with Blue's parents (cue bawling re: cats).
We closed five years to the day we closed buying it. Fitting. Huge sigh of sad relief.
And here we are, four months later, all surviving our new digs with all the patience and grace we can muster. And while my stepdad seems to enjoy caring for the cats, I know he is battling allergies too. And my mom misses her plants, which are enjoying their study abroad programs at her sisters' houses around the corner. And while my inlaws always welcome us upstairs, I am sure they miss having their space to themselves.
So today I filled out some pre-qualification forms with various banks and have started answering fun financial questions, a month sooner than planned. We are ready to move onward and finally upward. The kids need their own rooms and a playspace bigger than a closet. I need office space for my freelance work (had a fantastic year there!). We need a house again. So 2015 will be the year of the house!
This year I also got a new job (again), back in publishing. That part has been fantastic, as has the much much shorter commute. I do miss horribly the kind and funny people I worked with. Happy hour must be arranged in 2015!
2015 is also going to be the year I lose 31 pounds, as I am 31 now, and why not? It'll get me back to my wedding weight. I do so want to be a good example for the kids. So wish me luck there!
I think that's it. The kids are great, and hilarious, and awesome. I owe you all Nora's two year letter, I know. Hard to find time lately...
Happy New Year!

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