Monday, December 2, 2013

A Letter to Indigo at One Year (actually, 13 months)

Dear Indigo,

As I sat here wondering where the past year went, another month went by. Now you are on the cusp of walking, taking jolting, Frankenstein-like steps while holding our hands, with such pride. You crawl like a speed demon, and are now able to get up to the second step on the stairs. You unsteadily get yourself halfway standing, from the floor, holding onto nothing at all. We've even seen you stand on your own for a few seconds here and there. You are a baby on the move. Actually, you are a little boy on the move.

You weighed 23lb 6oz and were 30 inches tall at your one-year visit. Your face looks more toddler than baby, and it's about time I got you fitted for shoes.  Most of your clothes are size 24 months. Yikes!

Thankfully you seem to be going to sleep easier. All it takes is my horrendous rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle" while rubbing your chest. If only we knew this months ago! It makes all of our evenings so much better, and I'm sure Periwinkle appreciates it too!

You can say so many words now! Kitty, book, ball, more (I think), hi, uh-oh, mama, and dada. You also say something that sounds like "Ah-boo" repeatedly but I don't know what it means. Your sister says it too, so I'm wondering if it's some kind of twin code. It probably means "Cause chaos!" because you two often do.

I'm hoping you catch on to more words and signs, because you are getting very frustrated lately. I feel so helpless when you get that way, because I just want to help you but I don't know how. You've even taken to biting, but I'm hoping we can put a stop to that soon. We worked on sharing a lot this weekend, so we'll see what daycare says when I pick you up.

We are also taking away the pacifier during naps, have switched to milk from formula, and you now get two sippies and two bottles instead of four bottles, although you are drinking far less now that it is milk. But never fear, because you are a bottomless pit! You shovel food in without a care and somehow manage to swallow it all without choking. Thank god. You scare me sometimes!

You love putting things together and taking them apart. You especially love knocking down towers we build with stackable things. You are fascinated by the Megablocks and can spend quite a while (in baby time) assembling and disassembling. You love your giant Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and pusher toy, too.

You are exhausting. By the end of the day Daddy and I are in need of a vacation, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Watching you learn day in and day out, watching you explore, make friends (or enemies), discover new toys or new ways of playing with old toys, seeing your devilish grin as you go after things you know you shouldn't, and seeing you finally, peacefully, sleeping fills me with such joy. You are such an incredible little boy and I am just in awe that I had anything at all to do with that. Daddy and I will help you navigate this great big world as best as we can, but you've definitely already made a place for yourself in it.

Happy (belated) Birthday, little man!


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