Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy has certainly made our week interesting. But compared to the devastation in NYC (only 40 miles from our house) and even around our neighborhood, we have no complaints. We lost some siding on the house, and part of our fence. Easy enough repairs, although a bit frustrating as we just fixed the fence this summer after 2011's Hurricane Irene pulled a tree down on top of it. But we are all healthy and safe.

We lost power Monday and by Wednesday decided it was just getting too cold for Baby Boy, who shall henceforth be known as Indigo. We also ran out of clean clothes for him, so we packed up all our stuff and headed to my sister-in-law's house. So we're hanging out with her and her kids for a bit, enjoying watching them scope out the new baby in the family, showering in hot water, eating hot food, and having heat. So thankful to them for taking us in!

Indigo is doing very well. He's such a mellow baby, and even put himself back to sleep last night after a feeding. Our only problem is he keeps peeing out of his diaper. We are using preemie size but it still seems too big for him so there's leakage. We're working on it, but any tips are appreciated!! That's about the only time he cries, other than being hungry. And when he cries, he sounds a bit like a velociraptor, which is kind of hilarious.

We finally got to visit Baby Girl, henceforth Periwinkle, last night. We got to cuddle her, and my mom even got to hold her for a bit. She just keeps getting more beautiful. She is out of the incubator and into a normal nursery bassinet!! Yesterday she tube fed only a third of one feeding. Everything else was bottles, if a bit slow-going. Go Periwinkle! She needs to go two days of eating from bottles only and they will likely send her home. Hopefully we'll have power back by then...

So that's the update on the babies and the crazy week of the hurricane. I could go on about how nutso it is that there's no power south of 39th Street, that Staten Island has been flattened, that people I know have experienced tragedy, that all this happened when we were just bringing a newborn home, but I'm just grateful he and Periwinkle are safe and warm. What more could a new mama want?


  1. I love their nicknames :-) I am glad you have a safe warm place to stay while you wait for your power to come back on. My husband is flying out to NY tomorrow morning with the Red Cross, I am nervous to see the photos I know he will send of the devastation.

  2. Hi April!:) My nephew (who is now 5) used to pee out of his diapers a lot, my sister used to buy these things called "diaper doublers" that were essentially like maxi pads without the sticky side which you lay in the diaper as an extra protection.. those helped so much! She had to use them until he was totally out of diapers until about age 2.5 or so.. he was always quite the pee-er! I hope that helped! Good luck! The babies are SO CUTE! :)

  3. If you're still having the peeing issue, you may want to try a different brand of diaper. We had great success with our 5 lb. 3 oz. boy in Pampers Sensitives. Hugs to those babies! They are adorable!!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I was already thinking along that line but now I have a product recommendation!